Simple Cremation Package $1950

For your convenience we have provided online arrangements here. In accordance with state laws all pre-need and at-need arrangements are handled and reviewed by our licensed staff. Also these online arrangements are not a substitute for the Statement of Goods and Services, required by law. These documents will be produced and given to you using the information submitted. Payment is processed through the honored provider’s account. GPL available on our forms page.

  • Price: $1,950.00

    Our services include: conducting arrangement conference; consulting with family; obtaining necessary permits and authorizations; coordinating with crematory or other third parties. In addition this fee includes a proportionate share of our basic overhead costs. This fee does not include any charges by newspapers or other publications for notices.

    “This fee for our basic services and overhead will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select. (This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations)”

    Breakdown of Basic Services: 
    Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff and Overhead $1220: 
    Temporary Shelter of Remains (Included) $100.00
    From time of transfer to our facility to cremation within 24 hrs.
    Preparation for Cremation (Included) $50.00
    Includes disinfection of remains, removal of implanted devices (i.e. pace makers), and placement in alternative container.
    Crematory Fee (Included) $300.00
    Charge for the cremation itself from the crematory.
    Transportation (Included)
    Transfer of remains from place of death to our facility $280.00
    Online Obituary included $0.00

  • Cremation Merchandise Options

    These alternative containers allow for the family members to have a choice of container to house the deceased for the cremation or private viewing option. If you would like to choose another type of casket we have several selections such as veneer, pine, poplar, oak, cherry and mahogany. Please contact us and we can send you our full options via email.
    These urns represent our most popular choices. If you wish to purchase a different urn(s) please select the temporary plastic urn for now. After you complete the online arrangements you can visit our Memorial Store under the "URNS" Tab in our main menue
  • Additional Options

  • Price: $9.00 Quantity:
    (Veterans, and spouses of veterans should enter 0 / Zero as they are entitled to 20 free copies.)
  • Each county coroner requires that a cremation authorization permit be given prior to cremation. Most county coroners charge for this permit. Please pick the county in which the death occurred from the menu above. If county is not listed or you don't know the county of death please select "NOT LISTED/UNKNOWN" and a $50 fee will be collect. If the resulting coroner does not charge or the fee is less than $50 we will refund the difference. If the Coroner charges more than we will bill for the extra amount due.
  • Disposition Options

    This list does not include prices for certain items you may ask us to buy for you such as cemetery charges, newspaper notices, clergy fees and death certificates. The prices for those items will be shown on the statement describing the goods and services you selected.
  • $0.00
  • Credit and Payment Policy

    The Pennsylvania Cremation Services, LLC has established a uniform payment policy to serve all families fairly and to alleviate misunderstandings. A sound payment policy enables us to contain our cost to the families we serve. Our general payment policy is that the entire amount of services are due and payable prior to services being rendered. We accept cash, personal/bank checks and credit cards as forms of payment. We regret that we are unable to accept: Insurance policies, settlements of estates through attorney's or probate court, as means of financial arrangements
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